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Handling data in the new industrial revolution

The fast pace at which the Internet of Things (IoT) is moving is opening up a huge necessity for organisations to seriously consider how they handle all this Big Data, which is becoming key for improved manufacturing. Ivor Hunt of Weidmuller UK explores how to manage volume data being generated from field devices, to control systems, and how this creates challenges for the networking infrastructure.

Seen as the next technological revolution, the IoT encompasses any object with a unique identifier that can be connected in an internet-like capacity and communicate with similar objects. The IoT vision is of a massively instrumented world of intelligent sensors and actuators (both analogue and digital), communicating using IP to improve performance and efficiency.

In the realms of automation, the key areas where big data can improve manufacturing performance is through better forecasts of product demand and production, understanding plant performance across multiple metrics, and providing service and support to customers quicker. All end devices are envisaged to be accessed using the internet infrastructure, thus opening up the opportunities to increase efficiency through the likes of better integration with business systems, to monitoring equipment for maintenance and thus minimising downtime due to equipment failure.

As manufacturers look to improve their processes and productivity with new technology, many are turning to Ethernet technology. Industrial Ethernet networks use intelligent switching technology which can communicate with control networks. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of device-level networks and Industrial Ethernet?

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Power without contact

The world of automation continues to innovate and adopt technologies that can have a positive impact on reducing down time and reducing costs. In line with the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, and the Internet of Things (IoT), now we see the development of truly contactless power transmission which can eliminate the need for human intervention for recharging systems, thus creating solutions where critical cleanliness and efficiency are required. The development of intelligent power transmission solutions is just one of the key steps along the road to the smart factory.

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Clamping Down on Over Voltage

In modern life, the unseen hazard from both direct & indirect over voltages can often be overlooked and not given the respect it deserves. Whether it is industrial, commercial or domestic applications; the uncertainty is ever present. For engineers, electricians and technicians who are directly exposed to the hazards, exposure to products preventing electrocution, burns, fire and explosions is vital. Our electricity supply is seen as an everyday commodity, yet we can be guilty of neglecting the increased demand we pose on a daily basis. As our demand changes, our infrastructure must change too; we must ensure we acknowledge the strongly worded recommendations put forward, in order to ensure we clamp down on over voltages.

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Intelligent Connections from Contactum

Recognising how technology is being used in modern day living, Contactum has introduced 13 Amp USB socket outlets with intelligent device recognition , which provides fast, optimal device charging as well as protection for the device and socket from overload or short circuit.

Available in either white moulded or decorative metal plate finishes, as well as being available in either 1 or 2 gang switched sockets, these solutions offer 2.1A and 3.1A charging rates respectively, thus providing the installer with a suitable solution for every domestic and light commercial environment.

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Keeping Domestic Dwellings Safe

When you look at the statistics for accidental domestic fires, you can understand the need for the implementation of the new amendment to BS 7671:2008. In the year 2011-2012 over half of all the 37,601 accidental domestic fires were linked to their electrical services, and 10% of all deaths were caused by electrical faults. Stuart Jaycocks, Strategic Marketing Manager of Contactum looks at why the changes are so important.

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Profits under pressure? Bite back with K9

The patented K9 Kwik Wire connector, available from Hylec-APL, is a fast, simple and safe alternative to traditional cable connectors. Estimated to make regular wiring installations up to 50% quicker, K9 has been designed to help professional electricians and installers improve productivity and, in turn, profitability.

How K9 works

With K9, you simply insert your cable into the opening of the insulation displacement connector cage, then snap it shut to secure the wiring in place. Precision-sharpened connector blades then cut through the insulating sheath, cold welding the wires to the K9’s interior. This creates an IP33 rated dustproof, water-resistant and airtight connection between the wires.

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